Italian Verb Calendar
Italian Verb Calendar
Italian Verb Calendar
Italian Verb Calendar
Italian Verb Calendar
Italian Verb Calendar
Italian Verb Calendar

Italian Verb Calendar

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Learn the 100 most used verbs in Italian and their conjugations, with our original calendar from the team at, designed by our experienced teachers for students of all levels.

Every month this stylish A3 sized calendar will introduce you to 8-12 new verbs with their conjugations and also an English translation. Learning in small bitesize chunks like this has been proven to be a more effective way of studying, and hanging our calendar somewhere prominent will also enable you to keep checking and learning throughout the day.

Finally, in the date grid we also include a selection of verbs covered earlier in the calendar without their English translations, so that rather than learning and then forgetting, your new vocabulary will be reinforced throughout the year!

Also available in: 🇪🇸Spanish,  French, 🇵🇹🇧🇷Portuguese, and 🇩🇪German

Why the 100 Most Used Verbs?

Verbs are used to describe actions and things that happen. Learning the most commonly used verbs is the key to speaking any language. With little more than the words on this poster, you could carry on a conversation in Italian for hours!


      • A selection of the most used irregular and regular Italian verb conjugations in the present tense
      • Gerundio and Passato Prossimo for each verb, ie capendo; avere capito
      • 5 Italian verb conjugations typically used reflexively
      • English translations

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How it Works

One of the most difficult parts of learning Italian, especially for native English speakers, is remembering how to conjugate different verbs. In English in the present tense, most verbs don't change too much when the subject of a sentence changes, usually we just add a "s" to the end when the subject is he/she/it. For example, I speak, you speak, he/she speaks, we speak, they speak. In French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese however, the verbs change a lot. Here's the same example in Spanish: yo hablo, tu hablas, el/ella habla, nosotros hablamos, vosotros habláis, ellos/ellas hablan. Note how the underlined portions of each word change with each subject. This is called conjugation.

In this Calendar, you'll find the full, present tense conjugations of over 100 verbs, as well as their English translations

Finally, for each new month we include the previous month's verbs and a few extra conjugations in the date grid - so you can test your memory and reinforce your new vocabulary!



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